23 YouTube SEO Tools to Help You Get More Views

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What are SEO Tools, exactly?
Why Do We need SEO Tools to Improve Video Rankings?
The Importance of YouTube Optimization
23 YouTube SEO Tools to Help You Get More Views
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According to Statista, YouTube is the second most popular social media site, with over 2.1 billion subscribers globally. As a result, it is likely one of the most important sites for businesses to post material that will help them gain clients. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

Almost every expert’s digital marketing strategy includes YouTube to improve a brand’s video ranking, which is one of the top priorities for all organizations. Increasing YouTube reach isn’t necessarily about uploading many videos one after the other, contrary to popular opinion. While it is critical for businesses to publish videos that their consumers want, it is also critical to concentrate on the quality of the videos that are being produced.

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, if businesses do not want to “not exist,” they must consistently produce high-quality content on YouTube and improve their video and channel rankings. When successful organizations are asked for their top digital marketing strategy suggestions, the most typical response is that improving YouTube SEO is easier said than done.

What are SEO Tools, exactly?

Businesses use the greatest YouTube SEO tools available to ensure that the content offered in this relationship is among the best. Top YouTube SEO tools are used by organizations to assess the health and quality of their website as well as their various digital content.

If you had to summarize SEO tools in one sentence, they are tools that help digital material appear higher in SERPs.

Why Do We need SEO Tools to Improve Video Rankings?

YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, as well as the second most powerful search engine. Given this situation, it’s no surprise that most customers turn to videos to answer their inquiries about the numerous products and services that businesses provide.

Both the corporate YouTube channel and the videos would need to line with these specific search trends to satisfy the expectations of the audience and sustain a long-term engagement with them. Paid and free SEO solutions for YouTube assist businesses make their content and videos searchable and connect their videos with search trends, allowing them to rank higher.

A higher ranking leads to more audience engagement, which in turn leads to increased engagement between the brand and the audience. This leads to improved relationships and opportunities for businesses to increase income.

The Importance of YouTube Optimization

Businesses make and host films on their YouTube channels primarily to engage with their audiences. In order for that to happen, the videos and content have to first reach out to the audience and then convince them to watch them. The most typical digital marketing plan advice for these companies is to optimize their content for YouTube utilizing paid or free SEO tools.

Because YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, optimizing content and videos for search utilizing various YouTube SEO tools is vital to expand the reach of the material and thus aid in the growth of followings.

Furthermore, YouTube SEO differs from Google SEO, making it even more critical for firms to use top YouTube SEO solutions, whether free or paid. While Google’s search engine focuses on backlinks, domains, content, and other factors, YouTube SEO software allows businesses to optimize their channels, playlists, descriptions, videos, and metadata.

To achieve a higher organic ranking on YouTube, videos must maintain greater interaction metrics. Some of the top YouTube SEO tools aid in video optimization and ensure that visual material retains greater engagement metrics, resulting in a higher SERP ranking for the company.

23 YouTube SEO Tools to Help You Get More Views

While everyone’s digital marketing strategy advice include improving video ranking and growing video viewing on business YouTube channels, it’s easier said than done. Fortunately for marketers, there are several free and paid YouTube SEO solutions accessible, ranging from free YouTube keyword research tools to various video optimization software. Here’s a rundown of 21 popular YouTube SEO tools that can assist a brands’ video ranking:

1. YouTube Analytics

One of the best tools for determining where your business channel is performing and where it is failing is YouTube’s own analytics tool. This free tool provides real-time analytics on anything from audience interests to video watch time.

2. Google Keyword Planner
Nothing beats the appropriate keywords when it comes to discoverability. Google Keyword Planner, the coolest free YouTube keyword research tool, can help you find the ideal keywords and analyze their search volume.
3. Google Trends
Google Trends can tell you if interest in a topic is increasing or decreasing. This isn’t the only way to keep track of what’s hot on YouTube. By going to “YouTube Search,” you may easily learn about new video-related trends and opportunities. Because the numbers are provided by Google, you may be confident that they are correct.
4. RapidTags
It helps in the viralization of videos by assisting in the generation of various tags that may be put on the video by just typing the target term into the search box. While this tool is free, the free version has some limitations.
5. VidIQ
VidIQ is also known as the all-in-one YouTube SEO solution because it provides all of the analytics required to track one’s YouTube performance. You may also instantly share videos across all social media channels, keep track of how your competitors are doing, and much more. It also comes with a useful browser plugin.
6. YouTube Autosuggest
The YouTube Autosuggest feature is easy to use but extremely effective at finding keywords for video descriptions, titles, and tags. All you have to do is type the title or keyword into the search box and wait for the search engine to propose keywords.
7. Rival IQ
Rival IQ is an useful tool for creating effective video content that allows you to track your competitors’ YouTube performance, including what keywords and tags they use to rank, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and many other parameters.
8. Keywordtool.io
Keywordtool.io is another free keyword search tool that helps creators examine and analyze large amounts of data. Find everything you need to optimize your YouTube video SEO ranking, from hundreds of keywords to hashtags.
9. TubeBuddy
TubeBuddy is one of the most feature-rich tools for managing your YouTube channel and is one of the most effective and efficient methods to do so. TubeBuddy has it all, from data and analysis to research, competition analysis, and bulk processing capabilities.
10. Rank Tracker
This all-in-one keyword rank tracking tool not only allows you to follow the ranking of a keyword on SERPs, but also for a specific location. Rank tracker is a one-stop solution for analyzing the ranking performance of any keyword with infinite data.
11. Kparser
Kparser is a paid keyword search tool that allows you to add keywords before and after your target keyword and choose the parsing depth. This tool is most useful for long-tail keywords.
12. Noxinfluencer
Noxinfluencer is one of the best YouTube SEO tools in the market, allowing you to see all of the best-performing videos by category or location, as well as evaluating the channel’s performance.
13. TagsYoutube
This tool, like RapidTags, can help you find relevant tags for your YouTube videos depending on the target phrase. Additionally, this tool aids thumbnail generators as well as advanced description and title.
14. Tubics
Tunics is a complete YouTube SEO tool, featuring everything from publication dates to influencers to engage with, keyword research to channel audits and more.
15. Quintly
This cool analytics package, though not especially for YouTube, helps measure the channel’s performance with data and analytics on subscribers, engagement, view time, and other important metrics.
16. Canva
With Canva, an easy-to-use graphic design software, you can make your creatives, channel art, and thumbnails stand out. With eye-catching artwork, you may stand out from the crowd, draw a lot of attention, and see your subscription explode thanks to higher click-through rates.

17. Tags for YouTube
You can now see tags for any YouTube video by clicking on ‘see more’ under the video description with this browser addon. Find out what tags your competitors are using. Look at what’s working for them and apply what you’ve learned to your own channel.
18. SE Ranking
SE Ranking is a simple-to-use keyword tracking tool that helps track real-time keyword ranking for any location and device on five different search engines. It’s an all-in-one YouTube SEO software. You may also track the performance of up to five competitors with this tool.
19. Smart Moderator
This premium AI-based moderator software helps eliminate inappropriate comments across social platforms as they are posted, making it one of the best YouTube SEO tools. Furthermore, the program learns on its own, improving its performance over time.
20. YouTube Comment Moderator
Create a list of ‘forbidden’ words to automate monitoring of inappropriate comments. This YouTube SEO software not only filters out all unwanted comments, but it also indirectly influences the SEO of your video.
21. Awario
This paid YouTube SEO tool makes it simple to automate and track mentions of your video and keywords. Set up alerts by simply mentioning the URL of your video and collecting link-less mentions. These mentions also help with Google rankings.
22. Socialinsider
The YouTube competition analysis tool from Socialinsider gives you a detailed look at the ratings and success of your and your competitors’ material over time.
23. AnswerThePublic
AnswerThePublic can be used to conduct keyword research. With this well-designed web tool, it’s simple to find the most often asked questions regarding your keywords.

Important points

Video content is becoming increasingly popular across all social platforms. As a result, YouTube becomes an even more important platform in terms of digital marketing strategy.
YouTube SEO optimization assists videos in maintaining higher engagement metrics, resulting in increased viewership and a higher chance of conversion.
Though necessary, optimizing videos and other content for YouTube and other social platforms is difficult.
It is critical to optimize videos that brands post on YouTube in order to improve the videos’ search ranking.
Businesses can use a variety of paid and free SEO tools for YouTube to ensure the success of their post. These tools also ensure that videos are delivered to the correct audience on time.


YouTube is a content platform where millions of viewers from all over the world come to find answers to their questions and queries. YouTube channels are here to stay and will only grow from here. Though difficult to learn, video optimization is one of the most important digital marketing strategy tips to master in order to gain traction on YouTube. While we have listed 21 paid and free SEO tools on YouTube, there are many more.
So, get started on your YouTube journey right away and boost your video ranking by utilizing the SEO optimization tools mentioned above.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is YouTube SEO?
YouTube SEO refers to the process of optimizing your YouTube videos, playlists, descriptions, channel pages, and other content in order to improve their ranking on YouTube’s search engine.
2. What exactly is YouTube SEO ranking?
YouTube SEO ranking refers to the position of a digital asset (mostly videos on YouTube) on the search engine results page of YouTube (SERP).
3. Is Google Analytics a tool for SEO?
Google Analytics is the most widely used free SEO tool for analyzing all digital content.
4. What exactly are SEO Tools?
SEO tools are digital tools that analyze and identify areas for improvement in various digital content in order to help improve the client’s overall ranking and thus earn visibility.
5. What exactly are SEO keywords?
SEO keywords are words or phrases that are part of digital content and help people find it on various search engines. SEO Keywords are popular phrases of words that people are most likely to search for.
6. How do you rank higher on YouTube faster?
A good video increases video view time, which improves video ranking. The higher the video ranking on YouTube, the more people will watch it, increasing the view time. This operates in a loop.
7. How do videos help SEO rankings?
The amount of time users spend on a page is regarded as one of the most important SEO metrics. It is also believed that people spend more than twice as much time on a page with a video as they do on one without. Websites with video content are increasingly being prioritized by Google’s algorithms.

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